Yoga and Meditation                                         

   Countless studies have proven the powerful effects yoga and meditation have on the body, mind and soul.  Join our certified yoga teacher Gitanjali for a rejuvenating and relaxing yoga class where everyone is welcome!


Nia Dance Movement   

     Nothing lifts the spirit better than that of graceful dancing. Join our very talented certified teacher Michelle for an uplifting, fun filled hour of dance movement  where everyone is welcome!


All Classes: $15.00 each or 10 x $130.00                                                              

Please register and pay during regular business hours as SPACE IS LIMITED we look forward to having you!                                                                        

Monday         Nia Dance Movement                                                                7-8 

Tuesday        Yoga Beginner Class                                                                 7-8 

Wednesday   Yoga Meditation                                                                        7-8 

     (2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month)

Wednesday    Coming Soon                                                                           7-8         
      (1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month) 

Thursday       Yoga All Levels                                                                         7-8            

Inspired By Grace

33 Berry St.
Meaford, Ontario
N4L 1G2

Phone: 519 538 3851



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