Our team:
“Inspired by Grace” quite simply and humbly does what we believe in. We listen to your needs and do our best to present you with the kindness, warmth and care that you deserve. For this reason, your time at “Inspired by Grace” will be an absolute experience and never just a service…


“Inspired by Grace” was founded by Alice Ring, a certified Relaxation Therapist, Life Coach, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and Entrepreneur…  

Grace came about through faith and is the name of Alice’s late mother and most beautiful grand daughter.  By bringing “Inspired by Grace” to life her mother’s wisdom and love continues to grow and inspire her as it has her entire life…

We are very excited about our journey… 
Let’s live in the now, be positive and love who we are!

Alice Ring has a genuine passion for what she does giving her the gift of 30 years in the industry…                                                        

Inspired By Grace

33 Berry St.
Meaford, Ontario
N4L 1G2

Phone: 519 538 3851

Email: alice.ring@inspiredbygrace.ca


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